Our Plans

We offer two different payment plans
for this series both at a great value.

How it Works

Our series is a monthly, subscription-based service that will help users overcome social anxiety step by step. The series is comprised of 25 audio sessions, along with supplemental material such as videos, songs, and additional handouts. Each session is meant to be given a week’s worth of time before moving on to the next. To reinforce this, users will receive access to 1 month of therapy at a time (or 4 sessions per month). Going through all of the sessions takes 6 months. After going through the series, users can choose to retain access to the material at no additional cost. Occasional new or updated material will be added to the site, so it is beneficial to continue.

This new series is designed to be much more affordable than the previous. Our goal is to reach a much wider audience to help as many people as possible.